The Barclay
Condos for Rent or Sale in Rittenhouse Square

237 S 18th St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Barclay Condominiums, located at 237 South 18th Street in Rittenhouse Square, is known for its rich history, its luxury lifestyle, and its world-famous restaurant Barclay Prime. But maybe you didn’t know that there are apartments for rent right now, waiting for you to call it home!

If you’re thinking about renting or buying a luxury condo in the Barclay you’ve come to the right place. Philadelphia luxury realtor Maxwell Realty has been helping Rittenhouse Square residents find their dream homes for over 50 years. With over $3 billion in real estate transactions in the city and connections with property managers throughout Philadelphia, our high-end realtors can find you the apartment, condo, or home that you are searching for.

The History of The Barclay

An award-winning luxury condominium complex located in the center of Rittenhouse Square, The Barclay was built in 1929 by JER Carpenter Company, the same architecture firm known for many impressive buildings such as the Empire State Building, the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, and the Kirkland Tower at Vanderbilt University.The impressive building was originally modeled after The Ritz in Paris and started its life as a hotel and apartment building. It offered a mixture of furnished and unfurnished rooms, with a restaurant and a ballroom.


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In 1948, the building was bought by the builder of the Pentagon John McShain who continued to build on the apartment/hotel idea, offering condominiums. In fact, there are still residents living in the building today that moved in during McShain era!

McShain sold the building in 1978 to a hotel chain and in 1982, the Barclay became a mixed-use property with both hotels and apartments. The building changed hands again in the ‘90s and was officially converted into luxury condos in 1999. It now stands among the rest of the luxury condo and apartment buildings, overlooking the beautiful park and ready for you to move in!

Barclay Amenities

Although the building has seen many changes over the years, many of the impressive features still remain from the original architecture. Standing at an impressive 22 stories, the units offer such details as high ceilings, spacious rooms, fireplaces, and terraces, something you won’t find in other condos for rent. The windows offer beautiful views of Philadelphia, including the famous Rittenhouse Square Park, one of the original five parks created by founder William Penn.

There are a fitness center on-premises and a doorman in the lobby 24/7 to meet all their needs. No car? No worries! Barclay resides can use the chauffeur-driven 2019 Mercedes S-450 any time they want.

Other important features about living in the Barclay include:

  • In-unit washer and dryers
  • Customizing your space any way you prefer
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Pet-friendly condos

Why Should You Choose The Barclay?

One of the best features of The Barclay is Barclay Prime. Opened in 2004, this high-end steakhouse was founded by famous restauranteur Stephen Starr. The decor is reminiscent of a European library, complete with crystal chandeliers and marble surfaces to give it a touch of elegance. Before the entree arrives, each diner will be presented with a curated selection of steak knives to choose to go with the meal.

Its most famous item is the Barclay Prime Cheesesteak. An upscale twist to the Philly classic, this $130 meal consists of wagyu ribeye, foie gras, onions, and truffled cheese whiz on a freshly baked sesame roll and served with a half bottle of champagne. Delicious!

Of course, the real draw of living in the Barclay is the neighborhood itself. Rittenhouse Square has a long history. Founded as one of the five public spaces squares envisioned by Philadelphia founder William Penn, Rittenhouse Square has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city to live, eat, and shop. A thriving community, the Square features not only beautiful views from the park, but high-end boutiques, fine dining, impactful culture, and an exciting nightlife.

The tree-filled park is the main attraction to Rittenhouse Square. Although it is surrounded by luxury residences, the park itself features a place of relaxation and a bit of natural escape for those who live and work in the City of Brotherly Love. The park is especially popular with families looking for a nice day out, dog walkers, and workers just looking for a quick lunch break.

Throughout the park, you will find beautiful landscaping features thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Rittenhouse Square. A gazebo sits in the middle of the park, surrounded by lion and goat statues, restored fountains, and beautiful lighting fixtures.

Why Maxwell Realty as Your Luxury Realtor for The Barclay?

philadelphia skylineIf you’re interested in learning more about the Barclay and to see what condos are currently for sale in the historic building, you have an array of realtors to choose from. So why should you choose Maxwell Realty as your luxury realtor in Philadelphia?

First is our impressive track record. Since opening its doors over 50 years ago, Maxwell Realty has over $3 billion in real estate transactions, much more than any other luxury real estate firm in the city. When you’re searching for a Philadelphia realtor to help with your luxury home purchase, you need to go with someone who can show you an impressive record of success.

The second reason is our connections. Maxwell Realty has worked with some of the top property management companies and developers in Philadelphia. With this type of network, we know when luxury condos and apartments are going on sale before they even go to market. This gives us a jump over the competition and gives you a chance to see a condo in The Barclay before anyone else is able to.

Lastly, is our experience. Not every realtor or real estate agent has the knowledge needed to sell luxury real estate. Our luxury realtors know what our clientele is looking for in a home. From gorgeous skyline views to top amenities, Maxwell Realty can get you into The Barclay so you can finally live the lifestyle that you deserve.

If you are interested in learning more about this historic building, or any other luxury homes for sale in Philadelphia, contact us today to learn more.

What Makes Rittenhouse Square a Great Place to Live?

If you’re new to the city, you may be wondering why is buying a Rittenhouse Square condo worth it? What makes this neighborhood so great to live in?

With every city, there’s always one neighborhood that stands out above the rest. Its location, reputation, and community are so desirable that everyone wants to live there. And for Philly, that neighborhood is Rittenhouse Square.

Its reputation as the top neighborhood to live in Philadelphia began back on the mid-19th century, where the city’s most elite and prosperous citizens began building luxury mansions around the Square. In the 20th century, the grand houses gave way to high-rise, luxury apartment complexes such as The Barclay, Riverwalk, and the Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse Square has much more going for it than luxury condos and apartments for sale. In fact, some of the world’s greatest restaurants are located right on the Square…besides Barclay Prime, that is. Taking a quick walk from The Barclay and you will find some exquisite fine dining establishments, such as:

  • Parc: This French bistro is the perfect location to meet a few friends, have a quick bite, and a few glasses of wine.
  • Lacroix Restaurant: Fine dining at its finest, Lacroix Restaurant at Rittenhouse Square offers the highest quality ingredients and freshest seasonal dishes in the city.
  • The Dandelion: Paying homage to the London pub, the Dandelion serves an updated take on traditional English cuisine.
  • Tria Cafe: Philly’s original wine bar, Tria offers seasonally curated wine, cheese and beer menus that showcase smaller yet passionate producers.

Rittenhouse Square is also home to one of the oldest art shows in the country. The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show, held every late spring and early fall by local artists, has been running since 1928. It makes sense considering the surrounding cultural flavor. The Square is only a few short blocks away from famous cultural institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, and the Barnes Foundation. For music lovers, the Curtis Institute of Music, the Kimmel Center, and the Academy of Music are only a short distance away.

Of course, if you love the Barclay, then you may be a serious history buff. And of course, Philadelphia is the city where history comes alive. Not only will you be living in the same neighborhood as such legendary figures as department store mogul John Wanamaker, actor Kevin Bacon, and Philadelphia Railroad president Alexander Cassatt, but you’re only a hop, skip, and jump away from Independence Hall. Here, you can learn all about the founding of our country. Visit the Liberty Bell, learn all about the U.S. Constitution, walk down the cobblestone streets that our forefathers once strolled along, and check out the wonders of the Benjamin Franklin Museum.If you want to live in this vibrant, historically rich neighborhood, then now is the time to contact Maxwell Realty to learn more about The Barclay.

Why Look for a Condo to Buy Instead of a House?

There are various reasons why a condo for sale is a much better option than purchasing a home. Besides having less taxes and not to worry about the upkeep, it’s the perfect option for buyers of all types, especially for the following:

Professional Athletes

The life of a professional athlete can be difficult. You never know if you’re going to be injured or traded. Purchasing a home can be difficult because you may have to put it back on the market in only a year. So get a luxury condo instead! Not only is it only a train ride away from the sport complexes, but you can live in the luxury that you deserve. And if you do have to leave, it can be a great investment opportunity for your future!

Graduate and Medical Students

If you’re moving to the city for school, the last thing you need to worry about is a place to live. And if you’re not knowledgeable about the right neighborhoods to live in, you can end up in the wrong place. The Barclay is the perfect condominium for the student. Not only is it quiet and gives you the security you need, but it’s not as extravagant as some of the other luxury apartment complexes on the street. And you still get the amenities you desire!

Recently Divorced

If you recently moved out of your family home, a luxury condo is the best solution for you right now. It will give you the fresh start that you’re looking for, gives you more cash in your pocket for other priorities and can be a temporary solution while you and your ex decide what to do with the family home.

Ready to Call The Barclay Home?

If you’re interested in learning more about The Barclay or want to know more about the luxury homes we have for rent or for sale, now is the time to pick up the phone and call (215) 546-6000. These units are going fast so the sooner you contact Maxwell Realty, the easier it will be to get into one of our fabulous luxury real estate properties.

Don’t hesitate a minute longer. Rittenhouse Square is calling your name. Contact Rittenhouse Square luxury realtors Maxwell Realty Company today. Welcome home!

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