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Philadelphia is home to some of the country’s best universities and hospitals, making it a favorite destination for graduate students, medical students, and law students from all over the U.S. Maxwell Realty can help you find the perfect Philadelphia apartment in an ideal location, complete with all the amenities you need. Finding an apartment in a new city can be challenging – let Maxwell Realty take the guesswork out of the search process and help you find your new home.

We work with a number of apartment buildings in the city popular with young professionals and graduate students, including Riverwalk Philadelphia, Franklin Tower, One Water Street, and more.

Are You Looking for a Luxury Apartment in Philadelphia?

Moving to a new city can be an exciting experience. It’s a chance to begin again and learn new neighborhoods, meet exciting people, and grow as a person. However, there are challenges that graduate students can face moving to the city for school that other new residents might not experience.

One of those issues is finding the right place to live. Since you’re new to the city, you probably aren’t aware of what neighborhoods are safe, what you can and can’t afford, finding a reliable roommate to help with the cost, and even where you can get the best cheesesteak.

For more than 50 years, Maxwell Realty has been helping graduate students find suitable housing in Philadelphia. We understand your unique needs and will help you find the right apartment that is affordable and perfectly suited for your needs.

The Issues Graduate Students Face Looking for Real Estate in Philadelphia

There are several common issues grad students run into when looking for a new home in Philadelphia, such as:

Good Housing

Even with a plethora of student housing in Philadelphia, not all Philly apartments are created equal. In many cases, either the location is less than ideal, the landlords are unreliable, or the cost is too expensive. Furthermore, graduate students have unique needs – you not only need a comfortable place to call home for this next chapter of your life, you also need your home to work for your busy lifestyle.


One of the best ways to save some money on living costs is by sharing an apartment with a roommate. But unless you both have known each other for some time, roommates can be a mixed bag. Either your personalities clash or you just can’t find the privacy that you crave, living with someone else you don’t know is not ideal.


Even if you do find the perfect apartment, there is always the question of whether you can afford the cost. Not only will you have to deal with school expenses, but you’ll have to pay rent, utilities, parking fees, renter’s insurance, groceries, and much more. And since you’re new to the city, you won’t know whether the apartment you are looking at is truly worth the expense. Maxwell Realty has decades of experience in the Philadelphia real estate market, so we can ensure you will find a home that works for your budget and is worth the price you pay.

What Neighborhoods are Best for Grad Students?

Philadelphia is home to some of the best universities in the country. And although you’ve picked an outstanding university, how do you know where to pick the neighborhood to live in?

Here is a breakdown of neighborhoods the graduate students should consider living in:

  • Rittenhouse Square: One of the most beautiful areas in Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square is an upscale neighborhood filled with luxury apartments that overlook the beautiful parks. One of the most coveted real estate locations in the city, Rittenhouse Square is also home to Riverwalk, a luxury apartment building that offers world-class amenities. See how you can get up to 2 months’ rent-free.
  • Center City: The heart of Philadelphia, Center City is one of the most densely-populated downtown areas in the U.S. a hot spot for foodies, designer shopping, and nightlife, Center City is truly a spot in Philadelphia that always is hopping.
  • Art Museum District: Also known as Fairmont, the Art Museum District is home to many of Philly’s cultural landmarks such as the Barnes Foundation, the Rodin, and the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art. Fairmont is also home to intimate bistros and cafes and at night, you can view all the lovely lights along Boathouse Row.
  • Washington Square: A charming and historic neighborhood, Washington Square has access to some of the city’s best dining and shopping. Not to mention the historic Washington Square Park, which is located only a few steps away from Independence Hall.
  • South Philadelphia: Colorful South Philly is the city’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. From Italian restaurants to dive bars to pho restaurants, the neighborhood has it all! It’s also home to the Philadelphia Sports Complex and the XFINITY Live! Entertainment venue.
  • Old City: The place where American independence was founded, Old City is known for its restored rowhouses and some of the oldest streets in America. In Old City, you can view the Liberty Bell, visit the Betsy Ross House and then stop into one of South 2nd Street’s trendy bars and restaurants.
  • Logan Square: Sitting squarely between Broad Street and Market Street, Logan Square is a combination of corporate America and natural beauty. The focal point of Logan Square is City Hall with the statue of Philadelphia’s namesake, William Penn.
  • Society Hill: If you the excitement of the other neighborhoods are not for you, then Society Hill is your dream neighborhood. A quieter, residential section of Philadelphia, Society Hill is known for its cobblestone streets, its 18th and 19th-century homes, and its green spaces. But don’t worry, you’re still only a few blocks away from all the excitement!

Why Choose Maxwell Realty to Help Graduate Students Find Housing?

By hiring a real estate agent like Maxwell Realty, you will have someone who is not only knowledgeable of the Philadelphia real estate market but has the resources needed to find you the best apartment for your budget.

Maxwell Realty works with only the best buildings and trusted property managers in Philadelphia. And as representatives of the largest landlord in Philadelphia, we have multiple apartments available that can meet your budget and fit your unique needs.

With countless apartments in the City of Brotherly Love, finding the right place can be challenging. And with school and other obligations, your time is limited to finding the perfect home. Although you can find hundreds of real estate listings on the internet, how do you know you’re getting exactly what you see?

With over $3 billion in real estate investments, 50 years in the luxury real estate industry, and the right connections, Maxwell Realty Company can find you an apartment. You get into the school of your dreams, and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re a graduate student moving to Philadelphia and need an apartment, don’t start the search on your own. Instead, contact Philadelphia real estate agent Nancy Alperin today to start the apartment search today at (215)546-6000.