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Preparing to sell your home can be a complicated task, especially when there are so many projects you may need to complete before placing that For Sale sign. Maxwell Realty Company, Inc.’s luxury realtor Nancy Alperin has been helping sellers in Philadelphia for more than 50 years. From luxury Rittenhouse Square condominiums to Center City brownstones and multi-unit investment opportunities – we have the connections and experience you need to find the perfect buyer for you.

How can our team help you prepare your home for sale? Take a look at these common fixes you can make to your home, to make it look its best and attract its future owner.

How Do I Prepare To Sell My Luxury Home or Condo For Sale?

While you may have had a certain aesthetic to your home, when preparing to place it on the market, the name of the game is blank canvas. Potential buyers want to make the home their own, and by preparing your home like an empty canvas, buyers are more likely to see how your home can become theirs.

Keeping it Light and Airy

The goal for your condo should be to create a light and airy space–not just in aesthetically pleasing manners to the eye, but to all senses.You can accomplish this by airing out stuffy rooms, and laundering curtains. You’ll also want to ensure that your home is clear and free of clutter, dirt, and debris. So say goodbye to dust bunnies and hello to spotless surfaces.


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If you are considering using room deodorizers to enhance your home, we strongly recommend you don’t. Instead, bake cookies, place fresh fruit in bowls, or light vanilla-scented candles. This helps create a welcoming atmosphere without an overpowering aroma.You may also consider:

  • Removing excess furniture
  • Removing toys, family photos, and other personal items
  • Grouping furniture in sections that make it inviting to conversation

Make it Neutral and Bright

neutral homeIf the theme is to create a blank canvas to potential buyers, you should consider brightening and neutralizing each room. The goal is to create a space where a buyer can imagine their life–not wonder about yours. Simple methods to brighten and neutralize spaces include:

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint
  • Cleaning, waxing and refinishing hardwood floors
  • Cleaning the fireplace and any other heating elements where dust may accumulate
  • Remove rugs and furniture pieces that take away from the room

Given Each Room Purpose

We know that rooms in our home serve multiple purposes throughout the day. But for potential home buyers, each room needs a set purpose. For example, if you have both a playroom and living room, make those rooms distinct. Maybe add those whimsical touches of childhood adventures to the smaller space, while your main living room is more cozy and functional to conversations and hosting gatherings.

Keep Valuables Safe

In the hustle and bustle of moving, you may worry your valuables may get misplaced. Before showing your home on the market, be sure to secure your jewelry, cash and other valuables either in a safe, or off the premises. Remember, home buyers will check out every room and nook and cranny; if you don’t want it to be found–get it out of the house.

Curb Appeal

If you own a home instead of a luxury condo, you want to ensure the exterior of your home is attractive and inviting will make sure the potential buyer makes their way into the front door.Simple steps you can take include pressure washing the outside of your home including driveways and walkways. Other actions you may take include:

  • Replacing the mailbox
  • Adding a welcome mat
  • Replacing the house numbers
  • Repainting the front door

Philadelphia Luxury Realtors With Experience

With expertise in luxury realty, Maxwell Realty’s top Philadelphia real estate agents are ready to help you through the process of selling your home. Contact us today to speak with an agent.

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