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Looking for luxury living in a historic section of Philadelphia? Pennsport is the place to be. Bordered by the Delaware River, 4th Street, Washington Avenue, and Snyder Avenue, this neighborhood has experienced a revitalization making it a desirable location for renters, owners, and investors alike.Considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in South Philadelphia, with some homes dating back to the 18th century, Pennsport is home to the many Mummer clubs and pubs that put this neighborhood on the map.

Living in Pennsport

From its historic beginnings as a predominantly blue-collar family neighborhood, to a culturally diverse community, Pennsport has something for everyone. In recent years, the neighborhood has experienced a jump in activity, welcoming a variety of new business, events, and residents.


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Housing in Pennsport

Pennsport is highly residential, where buildings consist mostly of red brick structures.  In addition, there are Colonial and Federal-style homes as well as those with form-stone finishes.No matter which section or block of Pennsport you reside, you have a  few options for getting around. This includes the SEPTA buses that run on Moyamensing Avenue, Front Street, and Washington Avenue.Located near I-95, this neighborhood is also vehicle friendly as well as accommodating to pedestrians and cyclists .Ready to call Pennsport home? Take a look at some of the most exciting features of living in Pennsport.

The Mummers

mummers paradeBetween Front and 2nd streets you can see the eccentric and whimsical Mummers. These paraders take the streets of Philly every New Year’s Day as they have done for the last 120 years.The Philadelphia Mummers Parade is considered one of the oldest folk festivals in America, having taken inspiration from the ages of ancient Egypt.Mummer is derived from Momus, or the personification of satire and mockery. The tradition began with Scandinavian immigrants who held jubilant celebrations to mark the new year. Combined with British traditions of the play, “St. George and the Dragon,” the modern day Mummers Parade was born.There are various Mummers divisions that play a role in the parade.

  • Comics and Wench Brigades represent issues, institutions and people
  • Fancies adorn glamorous outfits suited for royalty
  • String Bands play banjos, saxophones, percussion and other reed and string instruments
  • Fancy Brigades create choreographed theatrical displays

Today, Mummer establishments blend into the neighborhood, adding to the growing cultural identity throughout the year.

Dickinson Square Park

Named after Pennsylvania governor John Dickinson, the three-acre park encompasses one city block in South Philadelphia. However, the space was not always so green.In 1821, Pascal Iron Works was located on the site, until the factory moved to Delaware and the buildings were demolished. Then, townhouses took the form of the western segment with the eastern segment becoming the public park. The Cultural Extension League took control of the space, making it one of the first public playgrounds in Philadelphia. The original park would include a track, playground equipment, recreational fields, sand gardens, and two bathhouses. In the winter months, the flooded fields would freeze creating ice-skating rinks.The park was later redesigned in 1959, by landscape architect Horace Fleisher. Circular walkways, which are common in Philadelphia architecture, were included in the park’s design and the lawn was lined with maple, oak, and elm trees.Unfortunately, the park’s condition began to deteriorate. In 2007, the Friends of Dickinson Park commissioned Community Design Collaborative to create a plan to rehabilitate the aging facility which is now a community treasure.

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