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Commercial Properties in Philadelphia, PA

A commercial property in a popular, growing Philadelphia neighborhood serves as a high-value investment for experienced real estate owners or new ones. Maxwell Realty has retail, office, mixed-use, or multi-family commercial space centered in and around the heart of Philadelphia. Most popular properties are walking distance from Philadelphia’s finest restaurants, shops, hottest nightlife, and the greenery of Rittenhouse Square Park or Washington Square. Our newly available commercial space is an incredible opportunity for new buyers, or those who are looking to invest in another premier location Philadelphia real estate location. If you’ve been looking into the benefits of investing in commercial real estate, the most evident reason is for the financial, long-term benefits. However, there are a number of potential advantages to owning or renting a commercial property:

High Revenue Producing Investment

Commercial properties, such as retail, office, multifamily, industrial, hospitality, or mixed use, have the potential to make money. Over time, these investments give the owner great potential for high returns. By choosing a retail commercial property, for instance, there is a much higher return range than owning a single-family home property.A retail, office, or multi-use commercial real estate property can potentially bring in passive revenue of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over the years due to the stability of longer lease lengths and higher rent. The property can earn income through tenant rent, revenue sales, or through property appreciation.

Appreciates Over Time

Historically, commercial real estate investments almost always appreciate in value and tend to do much better than other types of investment properties. It is no secret that more and more people are moving into Philadelphia, with a 5.1% increase in population according to the 2020 US Census. Furthermore, Rittenhouse Square keeps growing and continually attracting new people to the area. Philadelphia is the eighth largest metropolitan area in the U.S and the property value of a commercial space is sure to increase over time as the city develops even further.

A Commercial Property in Philadelphia Adds to a Diverse Portfolio

A great way to diversify your existing portfolio is by investing in a commercial real estate property. Spreading your investments among different types of assets will give you the opportunity of greater returns in the long run and lessens the risk of potential market volatility, to put it simply. Additionally, purchasing your first commercial property is a great start to building your portfolio.It is an ideal time to start investing in a Philadelphia commercial building. We have compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why this vast area is a premier location;

  1. Heavy Foot Traffic

    For a retail, office, or multi-use commercial space, there is an enormous amount of foot traffic that goes by on a daily basis. With locations at 16th and Pine or 901 South Street, Maxwell Realty rents and sells locations that are perfectly nestled in between the trendy Rittenhouse area and the busy, active South Street. In the Philadelphia neighborhoods, there are almost always people walking to and from work, running errands, casually walking their dog, and curious tourists who are simply passing through the area. Generally, the higher the foot traffic, the higher the retail sales and customers who will come back due to the convenient locations. This urban commercial area is sure to bring in hundreds or thousands of people passing by everyday.

  2. Close Range to Other Popular Destinations

    With our commercial properties being so centrally located, there are dozens of other businesses surrounding the area. Other popular, trusted companies in the area can add significant value to your business. For instance, the Apple store brings in so much business to its location that the company actually pays less rent than other renters in the shopping malls.With other attractive businesses closeby, such as Parc, Nordstrom Rack, Barnes and Noble, Di Bruno Bros and Sprouts Farmers Market, your business’s value will increase. Retail spaces especially are popping up all over the country in busy cities due to their high-earning potential, and Rittenhouse Square and other growing Philadelphia areas are no exception.Additionally, The University of the Arts and the many lucious parks in the area add to the value of these locations. Schools and neighborhood parks are proven to increase property value over time. The National Bureau of Economic Research stated that for every $1 spent on school funding, surrounding property values increase by around $20.

  3. Positive Quality of Life

    Job growth, a strong renter’s market, endless amenities in the area, a growing population, and a cost of living that is 3% below the national average all contribute to a positive quality of life for those who live in the Philadelphia area. To put it simply, those who move to Philadelphia tend to stay in Philadelphia, and an investment property at an affordable price just makes sense here.

Is Buying or Renting a Philadelphia Commercial Property For You?

Jumping into the commercial real estate market can be intimidating for anyone, whether you are looking to expand your portfolio or want to consider different investment options.

Aside from a Rittenhouse Square, Center City, Old City, or Washington Square commercial building being income-producing, the security and diversity that an investment property brings in are unparalleled. Commercial real estate has the highest track record of success in the real estate industry, and our listed prime locations are a great addition to your portfolio or a start to your investments. For example, we were able to help one of our clients, Munley Law, obtain its new offices in Wilkes-Barre.

Contact a Philadelphia realtor from Maxwell Realty Luxury Realtor at 215-546-6000 or contact us to set up an appointment at your convenience. Our team of commercial realtors are readily available to help you get started in finding the perfect commercial building today.

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