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selling your homeWhen it comes to selling your home, you have a lot to take on. However, one of the most important tasks can be finding the right real estate agent to help you get the right price for your property. While there are many realtors throughout Philadelphia, the only firm you need to call is Maxwell Realty Company, Inc.

At Maxwell Realty, we work with buyers and sellers alike in some of Philly’s most desirable neighborhoods, including Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square, Logan Square, and the up-and-coming West Rittenhouse featuring the brand new Riverwalk property.

With Nancy Alperin by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you have one of the most talented and respected real estate brokers in Philadelphia. Having grown up with her father, M. Max Alperin, who founded Maxwell Realty Company, Inc., Nancy has not only a keen understanding of real estate, but a genuine passion for it. Her in-depth knowledge of the Philadelphia real estate market, plus her ability to broker complicated deals with finesse, enables her to navigate the most challenging aspects of buying, selling or leasing properties while making it all appear seamless.

Reasons Why to Choose Maxwell Realty to Sell Your Philadelphia Home

Still considering Maxwell Realty? Take a look at the top reasons why choosing Maxwell Realty to sell your home will be the best decision for you.

1. We Know Market Value

Because we work with buyers, sellers, and investors, we know the Philadelphia real estate market like the back of our hand. Because of this, we know the market value of your home.Right now, the Philly real estate market is hot, and now is the time to sell your property.  Our team will work with you to evaluate your home and arrive at the highest possible sales price to ensure the greatest return on investment. In addition, our team scopes out comparable homes on the market to ensure we are meeting your potential buyers where they are.


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2. Sales Appeal Is All We Do

First and foremost, as your luxury Philadelphia realtor, it is our job to give your home sales appeal. We’ll work with you to highlight your properties best features, while coming up with creative solutions to improve some of your home’s less desirable traits. Further, we’ll help you get your home sale ready, by preparing your property with updates that create a blank canvas for buyers.

3. We Have Buyers At the ReadyPeople Looking at a House

With connections to some of the top property management companies in the city, Maxwell Realty knows this city and where to find buyers who are vying for your property. Utilizing our marketing expertise, we will advertise your home to generator buyers, helping you reach your goals.In addition, we’ll look to qualified buyers first. This saves you the time of weeding out those who may not really be interested in your property, or who simply cannot afford it. Because of this, we will vet buyers to ensure that those who see it are serious customers.

4. We Can Expedite Financing Options

A home is likely your most expensive possession. Because of this, it requires specific financing options. We want to ensure that when a buyer is knocking on your door, they have been made familiar with financing options. This allows us to expedite the deal and get you both into this next phase of life.

5. We Can Negotiate and Protect Your Interests

Time is of the essence when selling a home. That’s why we can also serve as a mediator between buyers and sellers. We’ll help you come to an agreeable contract and come to terms that assure a completed sale in as little time as possible. Further, when we are hired to help you as the seller, we will work to protect your best interests. From contract preparation to escrow proceedings, we keep your goals and interests as our top priority. Should an attorney be needed, we’ll also step in to inform you that more guidance is necessary. Remember, you are our top priority.

Choose Maxwell Realty To Sell Your Home

When you choose Maxwell Realty to sell your Philadelphia home, you know that you have a dedicated team behind you every step of the way. From staging and listing to the completion of the transaction, our realtors have your best interests in mind. This means you can be as involved or hands off as you feel comfortable. Contact Maxwell Realty today for more information.

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