Why Choose Maxwell Realty Over a Discount Brokerage?

Why you should choose Maxwell Realty over a discount brokerage: short term savings vs. long term gain

Discount real estate brokerages have grown in popularity as housing market consumers look for ways to save money. Although discount brokerage fees are lower than traditional 6% real estate commission rates, there are distinct and significant differences in quality and level of service. Maxwell Realty was founded on the belief that our client’s experience is the most important aspect of our work – and no discount brokerage can match the attention we provide to our clients. And, we’re committed to selling your home for what it’s worth. Ultimately, that discounted broker fee could end up costing you in the long run. 


“Why list my house with Maxwell Realty versus ‘The Big Guys’?”

It really depends on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Right now, there are so many of those discount agencies.

People are actually paid on an hourly basis to open your door.

If that’s what you’re looking to accomplish, hire somebody and pay them to open your door.

If you want to sell your house to a discount price, hire a discount brokerage.

That’s not Maxwell Realty.

I have sold over three billion dollars worth of real estate in my career. I show up everyday and swing.

That’s why you hire Maxwell Realty.


What do discount real estate brokerages do?

Discount brokerages provide a range of services, with none giving customers what a full-service brokerage provides. The least expensive give consumers an online presence on MLS and maybe a yard sign or lockbox. Essentially, discount brokerage clients sell their homes themselves, without outside support. They save money in the short run, but often cope with stress and pressure if sales don’t happen in a timely way. And because they work at discounted rates, they are often incentivized to sell as many homes as possible as quickly as possible – not necessarily for the best price.

In today’s increasingly competitive market – and with shift toward a buyer’s market anticipated later in 2021 – clients need to think about the long game. Here’s why you should choose Maxwell Realty over any discount brokerage:

The Maxwell Realty difference

Market Experience. I learned the real estate business from my father, Maxwell Realty’s founder, who believed that customers deserved a luxury-level experience when buying or selling property. Over more than three decades, I’ve handled $3 billion in real estate transactions, assisting clients with purchases of residential and investment property in Philadelphia.

Market Perspective. No one knows the Philadelphia real estate market the same way I do: I’m a native of this region who grew up literally watching the trends in neighborhoods and real estate as they happened. I have an in-depth understanding of Philadelphia that can only be gained through years of both observing and being active in the market.

Customer Experience. Maxwell Realty’s core tenet is that our clients – whether buyers or sellers – deserve the very best service and attention to detail that we can provide, every single day. I’ve built a career and a business on providing a luxury real estate experience to my clients. Most discount brokerages will open doors for clients’ home showings – and that’s where the service stops. Discount brokerage clients are left on their own. At Maxwell, we advise, support, and provide full-service marketing for our clients, from door-opening to property closing.

When you choose Maxwell Realty, you get what you pay for

Ultimately, the level of service real estate clients receive is up to them. If you want a limited scope of service – an agency to give you a sign or lockbox, post your property on a website, and open your door for a showing – a discount brokerage might be the way to go. If you want advice informed by historical perspective, decades-long knowledge of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and real estate trends and representation that gives you peace of mind throughout the sales process, choose Maxwell. We do more than open doors.

If you want to know more about our client services, contact us today.