What to Look for In a Rittenhouse Square Luxury Apartment

There are many requirements to consider when looking into luxury apartments, especially in Philadelphia neighborhoods. If you have come to decide that a Rittenhouse Square luxury apartment seems to be the fit for you, then our Rittenhouse Square luxury realtors are here to help you narrow down what you should be looking for based on your unique wants and needs.

What Makes an Apartment Considered to be “Luxury”?

By definition, luxury means “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” In regards to renting or buying an apartment, this translates into living in a space that has superior quality, comfort, and convenience. Living in a luxury apartment does not necessarily mean that it is only more expensive, but that a higher standard of living is required based on what you are looking for. While what you may want to look for in a luxury apartment varies greatly by location, the luxury apartments in Rittenhouse Square are unique in themselves.

What Should I Look For?

First and foremost, the location of an apartment is a top consideration when looking for an apartment to buy or rent. Rittenhouse Square is a trendy, upbeat neighborhood that is surrounded by shops, amazing restaurants, and the luscious greenery at the park. Do you want to be right on the main streets of Walnut Street, Chestnut Street, West Rittenhouse Square, or South 18th Street? Or, are you looking for a more charming, hidden side street such as Van Pelt or Panama Street? Either way, narrowing down your preferences on where exactly you want to be is a great place to start.

The amount of space in an apartment is key when looking into luxury apartments. Generally, the higher-end the apartment, the more square footage there is. With more space, comes more bedrooms, bathrooms, an open dining and kitchen plan, and ideally a glorious deck area. In Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, it is more likely you will find a beautiful patio rather than a large backyard. In addition to the amount of space, the apartment layout is key to feeling comfortable in your new place. Luxury apartments generally mean that the layout will be more modern, with an open floor plan to move around easily and lots of natural light.

Your luxury apartment should have plenty of amenities and features inside of your apartment in the complex as a whole. Some apartment feature perks include parking on the premises and car charging stations, concierge service, dry-cleaning service, a well-maintained pool, a game room with televisions and games, co-working spaces with computers and desks, a common room, and a fitness facility with new equipment. Inside your apartment, you could look for a walk-in closet space for your belongings, new appliances, large kitchen surface area, in-unit washer and dryer, hardwood flooring, private terraces, and the ability to receive spotless wifi and internet access.

  1. Parking on Premises – In these busy Philadelphia neighborhoods, it is almost impossible to find reliable, consistent street parking every day. Philadelphia does offer parking permits that will exceed the established 2-hour parking zones; however, nobody wants to park (hypothetically speaking) over 4 or more blocks away at night or after a grocery run. That is the reality of city living, and this is why luxury apartments in Rittenhouse Square offer on-site parking or personal parking lots.
  2. Outdoor Pools – When summer comes in Philadelphia, the city feels alive with outdoor activities. A luxury apartment with a rooftop pool–whether it be a lounge pool or lap pool– is ideal for a hot day in the inner city. Apartment pools prove valuable to families with children who want to play in the water and young adults who want to relax and mingle.
  3. Contemporary Fitness Facilities – Most luxury, high-end apartments have an up-to-date fitness center for their occupants. While most apartments do offer some type of fitness facility, luxury apartments tend to carry most of the equipment that any gym offers. Over time, you will save money on expensive gym costs, equipment, and the convenience of a full gym being in your building saves you both time and energy.

Your pets deserve luxury living, too! Being right in Rittenhouse Square is beneficial for both you and your family, along with your beloved furry friend. The park attracts many dog lovers due to its long walkways, and your desired apartment should also include pet amenities. Some luxury apartments do cater to your pet’s needs, with special walkways and play areas for your pet.

Living in the busy city of Philadelphia, you want to feel safe and secure in your home. Security and privacy are some of the most important factors when looking into an apartment, and why many people look into luxury apartments. Luxury apartments tend to have a front desk and doorman throughout the day and night, elevators that are only accessible with keytags, and lobby doors that are locked past a certain time. There is a peace of mind knowing you are protected in your apartment, and luxury living should provide this.

A Rittenhouse Square Luxury Realtor Is Here To Get You Started

While these listed requirements may be extremely important to you, or not so important, our professional realtors at Maxwell Realty can help you find your unique dream home that fulfills your needs. Once you carefully consider what you are looking for in an apartment, our team of Rittenhouse Square high end realtors can show you multiple listings of the state of the art, luxury apartments either virtually or in-person. Call us today at 215-546-6000 to get started on finding the perfect apartment for you.