Technology in Real Estate

hands typing on a keyboard

Does your agent’s tech platform sell your home? Simple answer: NO. Then, what’s the gig for the real estate agent who wants to sell your home? Be Your Best in the Ring!

There are a lot of real estate apps and platforms that promise to sell your home fast, at the perfect price. In a world where unicorns dance on rainbows, that might be possible. But in the real world, where deals are done between people and WON by whoever is the most competent, A seasoned and successful real estate agent is who you need and want in your corner, not a fancy app. Any platform and I mean anything that that just relies on tech and free Scooby snacks & party favors, I guarantee is not what it says it is, and ALONE will help to NOT sell your home.

I’ve probably just shattered some dreams with that unpopular statement.

YES, a streamlined approach to a closing, good use of SEO, websites, pay per click, de-cluttering your home, having a Sherpa and gnomes and movers sent to your home to haul off stuff, and a designer come into stage and handhold is all good. But how is this NEW? Only the technology available to all licensed real estate agents that we all are navigating as licensees are NEW!

I admire and respect anyone that looks to be creative, ethical, and sell and buy this awesome vehicle of wealth – REAL ESTATE!!!!! But buyer and seller BEWARE; the trained licensees, that can think on their own 2 feet, and do not need an army of admin and TECH, who have their skills, and database, are who you want in the ring with you, at the 1st and 10th round.

So…why is this important? When the power is out and a deal needs to be done, can your agent go off script, and are they going to be standing strong in the ring without asking for Tech Support?

Seek out the agent who has fought many fights and won many titles. That’s who is going to get your home to the closing table. A fancy app or software platform never closed a deal, ever.