Philadelphia Offers Affordable Culture

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[hfcm id=”6″] Philadelphia is a place where you have access to amazing culture at a lower cost of living than a place like New York. You can enjoy theaters large and small. Learn new skills with pottery or art classes. There’s no shortage of things to do in Philly.


Philadelphia is as cultural as you want it to be .

Verizon Hall, The Kimmel Center is amazing.

The Philadelphia orchestra is cool.

There’s jazz groups that come there

There’s smaller theaters that get that avant-garde stuff

You have the Academy of Music that’s there

You’ve got the Wilma Theater

You have the Forrest Theater on Walnut Street.

We are a legit town to live in.

Are we New York? Hell no. Are we ever going to be New York?

No, but we are Philadelphia, and we are affordable and we offer a lifestyle and we offer tons of culture.

PS, the Barnes Museum is amazing.The Philadelphia Art Museum is outstanding.

There are so many little galleries here, both in Northern Liberties and Old City that are opening up every two seconds.

There’s glass blowing, theres clay.

You can take your child and become like the ultimate pottery person in about thirty-seven minutes. Just five minutes from Washington Square

I know from experience. I think we’re master craftsmen now.

So, you can live here, be it with a four year old, a forty year old, an eighty year old and be entertained.

You will not starve living here, we have some of the best restaurants in the history of the world.

Right here at home in Philly, you can enjoy:

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