My Favorite Neighborhood: Washington Square

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Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA

My favorite neighborhood in Philadelphia is Washington Square. It’s laid back, great for outdoor recreation and exercise, has easy access to all that the city has to offer, and it has a unique personality thanks to its rich history. Old printing press buildings have been converted into modern condominiums and apartment buildings, giving residents a truly unique living space.  One of the most iconic historical sites in the city is Washington Square Park, which was once a burial site for Philadelphians and is now home to the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier.


My favorite neighborhood is Washington Square.

It’s laid back, it’s great for outdoor exercising, you can get to anywhere you want to within minutes.

People say the soldiers that are buried in Washington Square talk to you.

I believe they put out an aura.

It has a special vibe and a special feel.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park was planned by William Penn in 1682.  Originally called Southeast Park, it was renamed in honor of George Washington in 1825.  The Park has had many unique uses throughout its history and today is used as a source of enjoyment for the residents of Philadelphia.  It serves as a gateway to the neighborhoods of Washington Square West and Society Hill, which are brimming  with  condos, rental apartments, homes, restaurants and shops. 

 One of  Washington Square’s original  uses was as a burial site for African Americans, victims of the 1793 yellow fever epidemic, and thousands of soldiers of the Revolutionary War who died of smallpox and battle wounds.  According to a letter written by John Adams, the park has more than 2000 soldiers buried there. Many believe that the spirits of the soldiers remain in the park to this day. 

 Washington Square’s biggest attraction is the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier.  Built in 1954, the tomb honors all of the soldiers and the sailors of the American Revolutionary War.   The Park holds the remains of an unknown Colonial or British soldier, found after an archeological excavation.  An eternal flame and a statue of George Washington stand by the tomb. 

Washington Square  was the site of the first public drinking fountain in 1870.  The larger decorative fountain in the middle of the park once read:  “Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of water in the streets.” 

French botanist Francois Andre Michaux planted 60 different species of trees in the park, creating one of the United States’ first arboretums here. Trees loom overhead as residents enjoy the park for reading, its plants, foliage, and its walkways to access Philadelphia’s historic Society Hill.

Many successful publishing companies added to the wealth and upward mobility of  Washington Square and its surroundings: J.P. Lippincott, W.B. Saunders and Company, Curtis Publishing, to name a few.  Several of these buildings have since been transformed into luxury Philadelphia condominiums and apartment buildings on the Square, enabling its residents to enjoy living a part of its rich history.

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