Lessons from Dad: The Max in Maxwell Realty

Lessons Learned from the Maxwell Realty Company Founder, M. Maxwell Alperin

New Year’s is traditionally a time for making resolutions. At Maxwell Realty, this time of year is when we renew our commitment to what I learned from the agency’s founder, my father, M. Maxwell Alperin. These lessons from Dad guide the positive experience Maxwell Realty customers experience every day of the year.


I got to work twelve plus years with my dad. I got the best, old-school education on the street with my dad.

My dad passed so many amazing lessons onto me.

The first one was, “Just make sure you tell it like it is”. You either like the answer, don’t like the answer, doesn’t matter.

The next thing that my father taught me was, know exactly what you’re representing. Have one-hundred percent knowledge of it backwards and forwards.

I learned this business in a different era.

Noone has the hands-on, on the street, on the job training that I got to experience with my dad.


I learned the real estate business from the foundation to the rooftop, so to speak, from my father, who founded Maxwell Realty in 1970. For 12 years, I worked daily with my dad, watching him interact with clients selling and buying homes and investment properties and with agents from other companies who represented their clients. Seeing my dad in action was priceless: I watched a master practice his craft and change his customers’ lives for the better. Here are a few of the most important lessons dad taught me:

Achieve Excellence

When you are representing clients in a real estate transaction, there are no excuses for doing less than your best. My clients put their trust in me to be on my game, know their needs and priorities, and understand how to navigate and negotiate to make their dreams a reality. Helping make someone else’s dream of property ownership a reality requires consistent excellence of effort. My dad’s clients expected that of him, and they got it. He expected it of me in my work, and I expect it of myself and my agents at Maxwell Realty.

Know Who You Are Representing

One of the most impressive aspects of my father’s work representing clients involved the strides he took to get to know who he was representing. He taught me that to know what a client wants and needs, I need to know my clients well enough to be able to not only show them properties they ask to see, but also to give them options they might not have known they needed to see. My dad taught me the right questions to ask clients about their goals in buying and selling real estate; he also showed me how to ask those questions and listen for answers that provide subtle clues to client concerns, priorities, and possible stumbling blocks.

Give Clients the Luxury Real Estate Experience

My father’s overall goal was to provide his clients with what he called a “luxury experience.” He wanted every client to feel like Maxwell Realty’s most important client, and to represent properties that reflected the mindset of luxury, prosperity, and exquisite taste. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Living spaces should reflect that philosophy, and the process of finding the very special space in which you and your loved ones live should, in turn, be as enjoyable as possible. Today, Maxwell Realty strives to make your home search as pleasant, stress-free, and joyful as possible – to make it an experience rather than simply a process to get through. 

I gained so much by observing and working with my dad when I started out in real estate. There is no one else in the Philadelphia market with deeper and broader industry knowledge. Let me or one of my agents share what we learned from Maxwell Alperin by contacting me now at Maxwell Realty.


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