Get your Philadelphia Home Ready to Sell

Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of the hot seller’s market, or just needing to move, here are some ways to prepare your house to sell. In an ideal world, you’re able to give yourselves six months to get everything in order. From doing repairs to decluttering, some tasks might be quick, while others require more time and attention. According to the National Association of Realtors, as of June 2020, the average house was on the market for 24 days, from listing to contract. 

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Successful Ways to Sell Your Philadelphia Luxury Home

Here are some important ways to prepare your Philadelphia luxury home to sell. 

  • Know the Market. Before you sell, it’s important to have realistic expectations on what price you can get for your home. This is especially important if you have a specific figure in mind you need to sell for. Knowing your market will help you understand what other houses have gone for in your neighborhood, and what kind of condition buyers will expect.When viewing home comps, go beyond sale price. Understand price per square foot, features, and location of the other homes. Maybe one house looks similar from the outside, but all the bathrooms and kitchen have been updated and remodeled. Or an addition has been put on. Other less cosmetic things like an updated roof, A/C or furnace can also be attractive to buyers. Your Philly realtor can help pull comps for you and help you understand where to fairly price your home.
  • Evaluate your property condition. Those repairs you’ve been putting off for years? Now might be the time to handle those. If you’ve purchased the home relatively recently, pull out your old inspection report and see what still needs to be done. Whoever buys your house will likely see the same things on their inspection. Even if you choose not to fix these things, you’ll be prepared to know what a buyer might see.
  • Find a Philly real estate agent. An experienced agent who knows your neighborhood will be your biggest asset for selling your house. From pricing the home to showing and negotiations, a realtor will make sure you get the most value and money in your home sale.
  • Declutter & depersonalize. When buyers walk through your home, you want them focused on the house, not your things. Decluttering helps them see the potential in your spaces, and makes the home feel larger. Taking down family photos helps buyers picture the home as their own.
  • Make repairs. You won’t be able to fix every little thing, but big items should be addressed before selling your home. Particularly things that buyers will see and touch while touring the home. It’s important buyers see you took good care of the home, otherwise, if things in sight are broken, they will question the overall quality of the house.
  • Deep clean. One of the most involved parts of selling a house can be keeping it clean between showings. Before you list, do one deep clean to make every nook and cranny spotless. Then, you can do upkeep in between showings.
  • Hire a photographer. It’s important to show your home in its best light, the way a professional photographer can. Your real estate agent will likely have recommendations or even a photographer they regularly use. Many buyers judge whether they will even come to see a home in person by the quality of the photos online. 

Choosing to sell your home can be an intimidating undertaking. Make sure you have an experienced agent who can guide you through the process. At Maxwell Realty, we’ve been helping sellers for more than 50 years. With more than $3 billion in home transactions, our agents have the skills, connections, and experience to sell your home quickly.