Not all realtors are equipped to handle high end real estate transactions in Philadelphia. And in such a competitive market as luxury real estate, it’s important to know who has the skills available to handle multimillion-dollar deals. Luxury condos and high end homes in Philadelphia tend to move at a different pace than an average home; you need a skilled luxury realtor to handle the deal properly.

What Should You Look for in a Luxury Philadelphia Realtor?

Finding a Philadelphia luxury realtor who handles the high end properties in can be complicated. However, there are some tips you can use to find an agent to meet your needs.

Their Resources

Obviously, a realtor’s track record is going to be a huge selling point for procuring their services. However, knowing that your realtor also has access to and an understanding of the market value in your desired property will be critical as well.

An experienced high-end realtor will have easy access to all the details on the property, such as sales-price to listing-price ratio, days on the market, etc. all of which is an asset to you as the buyer.

If they can’t give you the information you need on the market and they lack the track record, it’s time to find a new realtor.

Seamless Buying or Selling Process

As a buyer or seller in the luxury market in Philadelphia, you know that your success in the market is what brings your realtor success, too. Yet, when your realtor is less than seamless in the buying or selling process, or makes you feel on edge, this can be problematic.

One way to know more about high-end agents is to ask around and check out their testimonials. An experienced and skilled realtor should have a large pool of clientele and a network of luxury agents they enjoy working with.

But, if their work isn’t met with high praises, it may be worth looking elsewhere. Remember, you want someone who is accessible to others in the market so that you can make the most of your property or be placed in your home sooner. If others don’t like to work with your realtor, you may want to pass on their services.


While realtors need to hold the proper licensing, did you know that realtors who wish to specialize in high-end markets can also get luxury designations?

This may include completion of special training courses or high performance levels in their market area.

Relationship Driven

The Philadelphia luxury real estate market is a tight knit one. While there are many realtors out there, you want to hire one who is focused on relationships, not just transactions.

So much of your success as a property buyer or seller will depend on the relationships and networks your agent is part of. But if others find it difficult to connect with the agent you’ve selected, you may have a harder time closing a deal.

We know that finding the right agent for your high end real estate needs in Philadelphia can be complex. You need an agent who not only is ready to be your partner in the transaction, but who understands your lifestyle and wants you to have the most beneficial experience working with them.

Maxwell Realty Can Handle All Your Philadelphia Luxury Real Estate Needs

If you are in need of a Philadelphia realtor who specializes in high end, luxury living, look no further than Maxwell Realty. Nancy Alperin, the CEO and owner of Maxwell Realty, has sold over $3 billion dollars of real estate and is among the best realtors in the Philadelphia luxury market.

As a lifelong Philadelphia resident, Nancy knows that your lifestyle must meet certain calibers which is why countless high net worth families, professional athletes, divorcees, and young professionals have trusted Nancy in the purchase and sale of their homes.

Nancy doesn’t just have the living experience of Philadelphia, she was trained by the best. As the daughter of high end realtor, Maxwell Alperin, Nancy learned the real estate business at a very early age. Now, she’s here to help you buy or sell your home, condo or commercial property in Philadelphia.

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