Buy, Buy, Buy!

A couple receiving house keys from real estate agent

This is definitely real estate investment advice! And don’t hold your breath till the jury reconvenes in 10 YEARS!

Buy, buy, buy!!

Yes, it’s opportunity time, in an area better than the “opportunity Zone” (the new tax provision sounds great but what do you do for 10 years when you can’t sell? – jury’s still out).

The last 60 days of the year historically offer the best opportunity for a buyer. Why? One of the biggest reasons is that in this “slow time of year“ which “everyone“ says it is in sales and “real” buyers are away & focused on the holidays which are really 3 days out of 60, there are those that burn the midnight oil looking for opportunities. And many, many sellers want a clean start to the new year.

What could have been unrealistic when a property first went on the market can now seem great with a quick end-of-year close for a seller. Yes, rates are at an all-time low. But your money is always in the buy. Don’t worry about a January vacancy: plan and factor that on your offer and buy the value and location, The snow will thaw – and renters with their puppies will be out again, looking for that best location. And of course all roads lead to a SQUARE- Rittenhouse, Washington & Fitler!!!

PS: now for the tax advice – speak with your accountant! Can you get any more 2019 write-offs and tax deductions for your settlement express?

Buy most importantly:
Buy the 3 Ls!!!