4 Tips for Creating a Remote Workspace

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Since the pandemic, lots of us have not gone back to the office and have been working remotely. While many of us have been creative in finding ways to adapt to our new office, sometimes it is still difficult to get into “the zone”. Below, we’ve shared 4 useful tips on how to drastically maximize your workspace—creating a flexible, productive environment that will work anywhere in your home. philadelphia real estate remote worker

The Rittenhouse Square realtors at Maxwell Realty have put together some must-have ingredients for optimizing your at-home workspace. 

What are some creative ways for building a great workspace? This depends on a few factors. 

The overall goal is to help rid your workspace of distractions as best you can, promote an optimized desk arrangement, and decorate to bring peace of mind no matter where you set up shop!

Here, you’ll learn some must-haves in addition to 5 tips that will optimize your remote-first environment. Also, we’ll share some photos that are bound to inspire!

1. A Laptop Stand

These days, most of us have ditched the desktop and opted for the more convenient option–a laptop. With no support structures under a laptop like a desktop has, we are left leaning over with our head down to work on our laptop. This hunching over body dynamic puts stress on the neck and back, and over time, will affect your posture. A Cambridge Study calls this “Tech Neck”, and found that the weight of your head when looking down at your screen is doubled, as compared to looking straight ahead. 

To improve your workspace ergonomics (the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment), purchase a laptop stand for everyday use. With a laptop stand, your work station is at eye level. 

Having your laptop at eye level will improve your posture, put less strain on your neck and back, and even help with preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. Essentially, your body will thank you over time. Additionally, any coffee spills will surely miss your supported laptop.

2. Put your Desk Near a Great View

philadelphia viewIf you can, face your desk in front or near a window–preferably one with a view! While the glare of your computer screen may be a little intense on sunny days, many people find that placing your desk near or in front of a nice view outside decreases stress and helps stimulate the mind. 

A Human Spaces Study found that those working in environments that incorporate these natural elements, such as daylight, reported 15% higher creativity levels than those who do not. There are many simple changes that can be made to your remote workspace, including being near your window or even adding plants to stimulate your creativity. There is actually an entire psychology school of thought around this, called “Environmental Psychology” if you want to research more in-depth! 

3. External Keyboard and Mouse

Granted you have a laptop and not a desktop, buying an external keyboard and mouse is a huge plus for remote working. External keyboards are easy to connect to laptops, and can provide you with a plethora of benefits. Similar to owning a laptop stand, an external keyboard and accompanying mouse can reduce the stress on your hands and eyes, and provide you with a better typing experience. 

For instance, with an external features, you are able to use your laptop on its stand comfortably without reaching upwards to the keys, and/or you can push your computer further away from your eyes to reduce strain. This means that your keyboard can sit at the right height and distance to help you avoid neck, arms, and eye strain. 

Many people find that typing on a Mac or similar keyboard with low-rising keys are unsatisfactory. There are tons of keyboards out there that will fit your preferences and needs, such as flat ergonomic keyboards and mouse designed for productivity or even a QWERTY keyboard if you feel so inclined. 

Whatever the keyboard and mouse combo you choose, just know that your eyes and future carpal tunnel syndrome will thank you. 

4. White Noise to Help with Distraction kids in the house

If you get easily distracted working from home, a white noise machine may be your answer. Since March 2020, we have been dealing with barking dogs, meowing cats, kids   running around, and even just your spouse using the blender at the absolute wrong time. Many individuals find that a white noise machine in the office actually soothes anxiety and reduces stress, all while filtering the background noise so you can concentrate. 

Why not apply that to your at-home workspace? 

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